CCDE Grading Process Upgraded

A significant enhancement to the CCDE certification went into effect with the latest administration of the CCDE Practical Exam.   Cisco introduced a much needed improvement to the way that candidates ultimately receive their score reports.  

CCDE Practical Exam (preliminary) results are now delivered to candidates the same day that they take the exam, aligning with other expert level certifications.  Official results are available within 48 hours…  In order to appreciate that, you have to understand how it worked before.  

I waited 10-12 weeks after each of my attempts before I knew the results.  Talk about nerve-wracking!  After 10 weeks I would obsessively check the VUE and Cisco tracking systems, and I would still be replaying the exam over and over again in my head.  Ok, so new CCDE candidates are spoiled in that regard, but it does also provide an advantage that candidates didn’t have before.

As I mentioned, it was the norm to receive results 10-12 weeks after taking the exam, but registration for the next administration of the exam would open up at the end of that window.  This further complicated matters because you didn’t know if you had passed or failed, if you needed to register for the next exam, if you needed to continue to study during that 10-12 weeks, etc.  No longer an issue… 

This also means that the exam is getting less and less subjective.  It appears that the exam is so tightly scripted now that there is only one truly correct answer to each question based on the information provided in the scenario.  Every answer could technically be correct, but only one is the “best” answer because it fits within the requirements/constraints defined in the scenario.

This is a huge improvement, and that combined with the introduction of v2 back in March means that 2012 was a big year for the CCDE!  BTW I see that we’re up to at least 20120023 now!