How Many CCDEs in the World?

Once again it’s that exciting time after the 10-12 weeks have passed since the last administration (August) of the CCDE Practical Exam, and we have some new CCDEs!  I’d like to congratulate each of them as I know just how big of an accomplishment it is and how much of a commitment was required.  Congratulations!  Well done, guys (and gals?)…

One question that I see come up all the time is – just how many active CCDEs are there in the world?  Unfortunately Cisco doesn’t publish those numbers, so we kind of have to guess.  Some of us refuse to take that as an answer though, and one of those folks started a CCDE Hall of Fame site.  We know that up until the latest results came in last week that there were 74 CCDEs in the world.

I have seen 3 people come forward saying that they passed this time around, and I’ve seen up to number 20120014 a.k.a. 2012::E.  So we know that we have at least 82 CCDEs in the world as of right now, and I expect to see more come forward.  That number has been growing steady for the past couple of years…

I encourage those of you that did pass to leave a comment here and let us know your name and number.  That way we can continue to track the growth of the CCDE program, and you can gain more of the recognition that you deserve within the industry.  I’d also recommend joining the CCDE Exclusive Group on LinkedIn, where you can connect with your CCDE peers from all around the globe.  For those of you that didn’t get it this time, keep after it!  It took me 4 tries…


6 thoughts on “How Many CCDEs in the World?

  1. Hello Ronnie,

    Also can you please write a post about practical exam inside . Which technologies mostly we can face in the exam, what are their percentages so on . There is no much information about concept also . Thanks

    • Hey Orhan,

      I think I’ve posted on that topic already as best as I can. The technologies covered are the same technologies that are listed in Written Exam Topics v2.0 that’s posted on the Cisco Learning Network. The technical piece of the CCDE is in the Written Exam. While those same technologies show up on the practical, the exam is more of a thinking/analytical exam than it is a technical exam.

      I can’t comment specifically on percentage that each topic shows up or stuff like that as that would be violating NDA. I would encourage you to check out the demo that’s also out on CLN, or perhaps try one of the practice scenarios that are available. Other than that, honestly the best way to prepare for the practical exam is to go and take it.


  2. Hi Ronnie,
    giving the amount of hours i’m spending on the written, i would be nice for me becoming CCDE number 2013::FEDE aka 2013::65246 , but also 2013::F3D3 would be great. do you think it’s feasible? ;)))

  3. “I encourage those of you that did pass to leave a comment here and let us know your name and number.” — I took the test for the first time in August 2012 and passed as #20120013. Thanks for the encouragement on twitter to try the practical exam.

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